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My Careers is an in-depth online career tool that gives students the power of knowing about career options early so they can make better decisions toward a rewarding career.

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Empowering understanding and deeper self knowledge

Interactive exercises guide students to explore potential future pathways that align with their unique strengths and interests. Students can track their study progress and discover opportunities using our extensive database of study and career options.


Discover your unique skillsets and how they transfer to a variety of different career paths and further study options.


We give students at each stage of their higher education the knowledge they need to explore future career pathways, with you.

Careers Advisors

Gain relevant reports on students prior to consulting, for increased productivity and assistance.

How My Careers Works

  • Personality Profiling

    Further understand your unique personality traits.

  • Individualised Career Outcomes

    We deliver a range of career options as your thinking evolves.

  • Interest Testing

    Understand how your interests can transfer to a variety of different careers.

  • Further Education

    Navigate and transition to aligned further education and training opportunities.

  • Subject Assessments

    Discover which subjects you need for chosen careers.

  • Learner Profile

    Recognition of general capabilities that enhance acceptance to further studies, employability and promote engagement and well-roundedness, Launching in 2019.

  • Academic Learning Calculator

    Project, then increase your ATAR by early realisation of suited prerequisite subjects and critical areas of study.

  • Reports

    Grow your thinking by exploring your outcomes with others.

  • Scholarships

    Could you be a candidate for a scholarship? Launching July 2019.

  • Internships, Graduate Positions and Career Opportunities

    Find employment, Launching July 2019.