Digital careers exploration

Comprehensive online tool for schools and career advisors to guide students toward more rewarding futures.

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Career exploration in blended learning environments

Easy to use agile platform that engages students and parents in online and blended learning.

Interactive career pathway planning, integrated with SSO, Zoom, Teams and Collaborate.

Comprehensive interests, personality, skills, subjects, careers and further education exploration.

Engaging students through purposeful future pathways

  • Whole-person insights and engaging, inclusive online exploration.

  • 98% of future career pathways mapped in one platform.

  • 100% of Australian university and vocational course entry requirements.

Empowering deeper knowledge at each step

Career exploration that’s more accessible

Over 300 information sources helping students navigate their own futures, in one platform.

Deeper career pathway guidance through data-driven insights

Personality, interest and skills information mapped in one central platform to better inform career advice and gain a whole-person picture of each student.

Uncover school-wide data insights

Comprehensive data helps schools to adapt to students needs, refine curriculum and implement a truly student-directed learning environment.

Always up to date

Using the combined knowledge of our researchers, educators, psychometricians and technologists we continuously update our software to provide the latest data to our users.

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Why My Careers?


Discover unique skillsets and how they can transfer to a variety of different pathways and further study options.

“My Careers is focussed on the individual... it helps by showing me more opportunities and by simplifying my course search.”


Information and data on what each student knows, feels and understands at different stages of their learning.

“My Careers is a vital resource for students to comprehend how their unique skill sets can transfer to the evolving career landscape.”


See your child’s future pathways develop and evolve over the course of their education.

“I have the confidence my daughter is making the best decisions towards her future after reviewing her results. This software strengthened her voice towards a range of pathways.”

My Careers

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